Monday, February 15, 2010

Bulging Disc - Back pain

Almost a year ago a driver fell asleep at the wheel and crossed into opposing traffic. Thankfully my husband swerved in time to take the hit on the drivers side door instead of allowing the guy to hit us head on. He has been in constant pain ever since.

An MRI showed bulging disks. He saw a chiropractor for about 8 months. He swears it was helpful, but as far as I could tell he was still in constant pain. He is completely religious about doing the stretching excersises the doctor told him to do. He iced his back regularly and that seemed to bring some dependable relief from the pain.

A few months ago he got an inversion table which he uses a couple times a day and it helps relieve the pressure. Nothing is getting rid of the bulging disk so we seem to be stuck in a cycle of pain management which is depressing.

A month ago he got an epidural steroid injected into the sheath around his spinal cord near the bulging disc. It had a definite positive impact in getting rid of pain. But the results have not been long lasting.